A memorial on Phil, an inspiration to many

What separates the United States of America from all the other countries? Some would say that it is our wealth and power. Others would answer that it is our freedom.

We, as Americans, have the freedom of speech. We have the freedom of religion. We have the right to vote our leaders. We have the freedom to start a business and earn a living for ourselves. But if we think about it, what really is freedom and how do we achieve it?

It is 6:20 a.m. and I scramble out of my bed to turn off my alarm. My Monday morning is started off with a shower and a quick breakfast before it’s off to school. Whether I want to or not, I end up at school for 7 hours a day, five days a week. Then after school, I have to complete responsibilities. Chores, homework, and other small tasks take up part of my afternoon (1).

Then, after a couple of hours of recreation time, it’s off to bed just to do it all over again the next day. It is a constant repetitive cycle that seems to never let up. But I have a home, food, a good family and the opportunity to learn and hopefully someday a decent paying full-time job. Once my schooling is over, I will surely experience the life of freedom.

(Fast forward ten years.)

I look up at the clock.
“Only ten minutes has gone by?” I think to myself. “I’ll never get out of this place”

I’m sitting at my desk, staring blankly into my computer screen. It’s only my second month at the job and I’m already regretting my career. I’ve been processing reports, making phone calls, and setting up appointments since 6:00 this morning. I still have an hour and 20 minutes before I can go home and see my wife and daughter. Getting home at 4:30 p.m. is rough when your little girl goes to bed at eight. That leaves me about four hours a day to spend time with my family. We have a nice little apartment; it’s clean, pretty well furnished, and we have a full refrigerator.

That being said, I can’t complain about my life too much. At least I’m not a homeless man hitchhiking his way across the ‘states, right? At least I’m not like Phil.

Phil was the guy I picked up a few days earlier. He said he needed a ride to the gas station on the other side of town. It was right on my way to Oro Valley where I had an appointment that afternoon. He had hitchhiked his way from Dallas, Texas to Tucson, Arizona in three weeks.

He told me he wanted to end up somewhere in Northern California such as San Francisco or Sacramento. He had very little money from his job as a night-shift worker at a bar in Dallas.

But he desired a new life.

I begin to see the world through Phil’s eyes. He was out on his own. He didn’t have a time that he needed to wake up every day. When he experienced a town, he got up and made his way to a new one. He found ways to supply his basic necessities such as food and clothing. But he had no responsibilities. Nothing tied him down in an office 50 hours a week.

He was living the way he wanted to. He was experiencing his freedom. This changed my perspective on him, and also the way I viewed my own personal life. His life wasn’t worse than mine, it was only different.

Whether it is the comfort of a home, a family, and money, or the ability to live anywhere and experience many things; we all have that desire for our own interpretation of freedom. Sometimes we just need to see the world through someone else’s eyes.

This was a guest post written by Ramon Stoudamire. He also writes for the Beard Oil Team at Health Trends and MLM Companies.

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Woman Glibly Spreads Unfounded Rumor About Jeunesse Ingredient

People will say anything to get a rise out of everyone.  People also make terrible scientists, which is why we usually leave testing of skincare ingredients up to trained professionals who work in controlled environments.

Reviews have been written all over the web, and these brand is going boo-koo.

Case in point: a woman recently made a casual observation that Argireline, dubbed “Botox in a jar”, actually made her wrinkles worse.  Well word got ’round and soon people were all over the comment section of a popular skincare blog.  False rumors get spread this way…”oh, I heard that stuff actually makes your wrinkles WORSE!”.  The thread was actually removed apparently because it was just so ridiculous the blog administrator was embarrassed to have it on her site.

This is a case of Betteridge’s law of headlines at work, only in slightly altered form.  Betteridge’s Law: you know: a controversial headline that asks a question, the answer to which is probably “no”…designed to suggest the truth of something that’s not actually true.  Fox News uses this technique a lot.  So do clickbait “news” websites…The Daily Mail is famous for this as well.

Argireline is a key component of the wrinkle-reducing cream sold by Jeunesse: Instantly Ageless™.

The forthright woman making the unfounded claim wasn’t actually talking about Jeunesse…just her experience with Argireline in an unnamed product.  To get a fair look at Jeunesse’s product, however, rather than referring to the madness of crowds it’s always better to turn to science…especially when chemistry, skincare, and money are in the cards.

Argireline: What is it?

For those who put their trust in the concepts of modern science, you’ll be glad to know that Argireline has a scientific name.  Not only that, but acetyl hexapeptide-8, as Argireline is known in the lab, has been the subject of not just a few scientific studies.

The reason it’s called “Botox in a jar” is that Argireline works in very much the same way but without the neurotoxin risk that comes with injecting botulisim into your face (as is the case with Botox).  That is, Argireline puts a major damper on reactions in your body which cause muscles to contract.

So: spread Instantly Ageless™ on your face and frown lines become less pronounced.  Sounds absurdly impossible (bordering on magic?) but it’s true…and there are studies that have shown it to be true.  The National Institutes of Health have published such studies, showing the “significant” anti-wrinkle efficacy of Argireline.

Relaxed muscles aren’t the same as sagging muscles.

By preventing the contraction of muscles, Argireline creates a smoother texture to the skin.  Concerns about sagging due to “relaxed muscles”…well the absence of contraction is not sagging…it’s simply a muscle at neutral position.

Sagging is less than neutral: a negative state, if you will. Like Tru Vision.

Jeunesse’s  Instantly Ageless™ is backed by sound laboratory studies- would you put one person’s totally subjective claim above all those scientists who worked so hard to bring you the real facts?

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How To Raise iPAS2 Marketing Funds For Your Cause

We get a lot of questions surrounding how to raise funds that help accelerate your cause and identify which networking opportunities and marketing systems can best help your business experience rapid growth moving forward.

We have taken the time to do real research regarding our personal time and effort which put our due diligence to the test – because there are literally hundreds and thousands of internet marketing systems to choose from and use – and there was only 1 that really stood out above the crowd – The Internet Prospect Acceleration System or iPAS for short.

Listen, here is what we found and what you need to know upfront, with 100% transparency – making money requires using a system for leverage and duplication – and we want to serve the justice on which propriety prospecting marketing systems deserve your time and consideration.

How iPAS2 Can Help Your Cause Online

Here’s why:

ipas marketing strugglesNumerous hard working individuals have decided to take control of their financial future by starting their own home based business. Starting a work at home business will give you control over where you work, when you work, and how you work – who doesn’t want that? This type of business is like any other type of business. The business requires customers to survive and make a profit. Promotion is essential, but which advertising methods are best? Let’s take a further look. This is why we must have justice and reconciliation of which online marketing platforms work best to help you build faster and more effective.

iPAS 2 Promotional Methods for Home Based Business

Promotion is simply another name for marketing and advertising. It is a way to get your message about your home based business out to the targeted customer. The fact is that some promotional methods are more effective than other promotional methods. Certainly, this is determined by the type of business that the owner is trying to promote.

For example, promoting a daycare business might simply require telling a few neighbors, friends, and relatives about the business. This type of promotion is free and called word of mouth advertising or promotion. This is where you can apply the inch wide, mile deep philosophy. Like we said, this is where business systems can be of leverage and value – and that’s what iPAS 2 can provide (not to be confused with the IPAS commission)

Other iPas 2 promotional methods include the following:

Free Promotions – Free promotional methods for your business include writing a press release and sending to newspapers and press release sources online. Take advantage of free promotional methods on social media sites. Some local papers allow people to post free classifieds about their business.

Paid Promotions – Paid promotions for your business require you to pay to advertise. Of course, the paid promotional method depends on your promotional budget. Start with small ads in local business magazines and newspapers. Print business cards and brochures to distribute around the community.

Use the promotional methods listed here to advertise your home based business and attract your first customers – then combine that with the inherent powers of finding and using prospecting system that accelerates your efforts and earning potential.

Otherwise, you might be better off trying to go the more convention and traditional route of opening up a franchise. Obviously, we think this is the choice of the lesser potential as it requires a completely different post (which we will very soon) versus the expectations and growth cycles that internet prospecting acceleration systems can provide you and your home based business.

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How To Donate

Thank you for searching out our page and wanting to help with donations.

There are many ways that you can make a difference in someone else’s life by making a monetary or clothing donation. We suggest finding an organization that touches your heart and reach out to them about making a donation or going to your local food bank and lending a hand or making a contribution.

All of these ways will help bring peace to the world.

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